Drinking from a fire hydrant

They say when it rains it pours.. Well, that is true. This month has been a living breathing denial of service attack.  Up at 4am and going to bed around midnight.  Who the hell needs a life like that?   I had to deal with comcast twice today for two different customers, two windows 10 upgrades which is slooooooow as hell […]

No Worries my ass

I will tell people “No Worries”, bullshit.  I am hearing this slang used multiple per day in voice, text, and emails.  WTF I am not even worried but people use this loosely and they’re not even Jewish.   How can the world adopt this phrase like this like we are all worried. I came up with a phrase better than that […]

Segregational Drinking

For those who have difficulty mixing such as myself sometimes find that you drank too much and thought, “again”.  Think of it there are so many delicious beers and wines out there and it’s just hard for some of us to have just one or two glasses when it’s been a great day.  How do you celebrate with such a […]