United States Postal Service
9265 Highland Dr
Sandy, UT 84093


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US Post Office Sandy Utah 84903


Nikon Camera Equipment Lost or Stolen inside of this location BEWARE – MAKE SURE YOU GET INSURANCE and they SCAN IT IN and give you a receipt.


Make sure you get insurance if you come to this location and force them to scan it in and get a receipt immediately.  Don’t trust leaving your items with these guys to deliver it. Even their camera system doesn’t do any good.  There is no direct phone number you can call for this location.

The person who told it from me was that short squatty American Indian lady with the fake smile on her face who talks through her teeth.  She works on the left counter when you walk in.

I had 3 packages two went out but this is the one I spoke to her about paying extra for a weight overage and it was a big amazon box with black and green tape. It totally stood out.

Nope she took it and never scanned it in..   Went back 3 different days and nothing.  They said it went out. It’s total BS.. It didn’t leave at all it has to be scanned in their location first before hitting the 21st so hub.

I think they have sticky fingers and nobody does nothing about it.  I filed a report against them today with the US Postal Inspector and I think others should do the same.


Here is the website that I did it too



I like that the location is close to my house but they have some really bad reviews on google for the way they treat people.  I would recommend going to another place.  Its sad you can’t even trust them with your packages.

I would recommend the Post office on 7th east instead of this highland drive location.


UPDATE – The package was finally located in LA after they were reported it showed up on the radar two days later and did get delivered.  It’s interesting how it skipped the sandy location and the SLC 21st 1700 W main Hub and made it straight to LA without it ever getting scanned in.





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