Jive Communications a Provo Utah based VOIP (Internet Protocol Telephone) Provider with heavy marketing and fake reviews to boost their ratings.  This company with a all of these employees (Caucasian) and no black people that I could even see in the photo.  With a name like jive and no color seems a little messed up to me. Well I take it back.  It looks like there could be a South American guy (1) in this whole photo but no African Americans.

So when you call in you have that cool swanky hold music from the 70’s that bom chicki bom yea yeah stuff and the 30 minuted wait time,  then you get that Provo young voice on the line and the dynamics just threw me for a loop.

I had a few customers with Jive and it was less than a 1/5 rating.  Service was never working properly for any extended period of time.  Like phone’s not ringing, can’t call out, and or no services on the phone.

If you google them look for the real reviews they didn’t get better. Just better marketing.

For the CEO to boast about their platform and services just consider lowering your expectations.  That way you can find true happiness.

If you see the Jive’aKorn unicorn behind you don’t stop to bend over and grab your ankles because that that of service might hurt.

Jive Unicorn Article


1 thought on “Jive Utah unicorn more like a Jive’aKorn. Keep running and don’t bend over

  1. Funny as hell but absolutely true! Their service and their product is awful.
    Baron Brooks
    Ex Jive turkey customer

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