The other day I was thinking about toilet paper, you tear of a sheet and WTF there is white flakes all over the place.  This stuff is to clean you not get you messier.  So these companies market these products like they are suppose to do a good job to clean you.  I say bullshit.  All they do it paper flake your ass, give you allergies from excess dust, and make third make a mess around your house.  It’s just more to clean up.  I think these guys are in the shit business to make things dirty not clean.

I’m considering getting rid of the concept of toilet paper, paper holders, etc and install a flush able wet wipes holder in every bathroom.  At least you know what will work and not leave you with that not so fresh feeling.

I just did a little research and guess you started this thing?  Who else.. the average Joe..  Joseph Gayetty.  Who couldn’t love a mug like that?  I am sure at the time it was either half or 1 ply made from plywood.  No wonder he doesn’t smile, I wouldn’t either.

Butt Face Joeseph Gayetty
The face behind almost every butt

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