They say when it rains it pours.. Well, that is true. This month has been a living breathing denial of service attack.  Up at 4am and going to bed around midnight.  Who the hell needs a life like that?   I had to deal with comcast twice today for two different customers, two windows 10 upgrades which is slooooooow as hell and sucks but that is what the customer wants and moving over 500GB of customer data tonight to another system.  Cleaning cat hair out of a box that plugged the cpu fan and drove temps to 97 degrees Celsius instead of 42 – 43.

Shave your PUSS

I would never have a cat if it’s going to leave me with a hairy box and get it all hot like that.  That box was burning up.  Canned air doesn’t do shit.  You have to give it a good blow at 110 psi and get that nozzle in deep to clean it out so it has no more fur.

Anyways thank you for the rant, back to my computer bitch life.  To all you out there keep it shaved and keep it clean.

Peace out.


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