I think estrogen and radiation have a lot in common think about it.  We a little to live, so small doses is essential but large doses are toxic and lethal.

So check this shit out.  Women want attention so they broadcasting or emitting some signal.  I don’t know exactly what protocol they are using and I don’t care.  All I know is when you but a bunch of women together they are are like glow rods and radiate off each other saying all kids of shit at the same time with different subjects and they even menstruate on the same cycle.   If man is left too long with this type of expose it can lead to a full blown denial of service attack on his brain and shut him down.

Think people, this isn’t the first time you have heard that women often outlive men by 5 years?  You wonder why duh?  Radiation / Estrogen exposure at lethal levels.  Do you know how many cigarettes you have to smoke to nuke 5 years of your life?

The moral of the story is take frequent breaks, drink regularly, laugh, and have your own hobbies and interests and don’t ever involve yourself between your mother or sister in law.

Safety first people




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