Have you ever noticed when Qwest changed hands to CenturyLink the logo became green like a turd.  Well Guess what, it is a turd.   Alot of people have had a bad experience here in and there with a telecom provider somewhere in their lifetime but dealing with these jokes is one of those WTF experiences that leaves you lying flat on your back in bed saying what did I do to deserve this.

They are one of the worst large businesses I have ever dealt with in my life.  They don’t listen and whatever they want too, and involve half the company to talk about pulling a cat5e cable 6 floors.

They even hire people with names like shana.crocker@centurylink.com.  I wonder if she is a relative to Betty Crocker.  She is better of cooking from a box that coordinating any projects because she never responds to my emails.  But if you had a name like hers I won’t be talking to a lot of people either.

I just that it would be cool to mathematically rename CenturyLink to CenturyStink and then give it a little hip hop flare, add some Ebonics in the middle and bam you of ShitofDaCentury.  Because when you deal with ShitofDaCentury you are dealing with DaShit.


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