I can’t tell you how many countless boxes I have been on and off of and how cluttered they are.  How can you sit there all day long with this dirty machine chugging ever so slowly with crap all over it?  Can’t you get rid of some of the crap or do you have to keep holding on to it for life?

Its like once I enter I have to discover, move things around, dump, upgrade, and make it clean again.

Here is the funny part about all of this… When someone buys a new box they don’t realize how many people have put there crap in it before they got it so it’s not like having seconds or thirds, you are the new party favor and everyone is taking a turn at your expense.

One of the best things you can do on your box is get rid of what you don’t need to start off and clean that crap up.  Only use a warm damp cloth with nothing else on it or you can ruin your box.

If you need me to get  in your box and clean it let me know.


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