For those who have difficulty mixing such as myself sometimes find that you drank too much and thought, “again”.  Think of it there are so many delicious beers and wines out there and it’s just hard for some of us to have just one or two glasses when it’s been a great day.  How do you celebrate with such a small amount of liquid?  I figured it out for me finally.  It’s called Segregation.  I don’t mix water or ice with any of it.. Why dilute a good thing?

I just pound a bunch of distilled water first like two or three full sized glasses, then I have a Cognac glass of my favorite hard spirits at the moment, like a vodka, bourbon, etc.  I don’t chase or nothing.  Just take it straight and clean.  After an hr or so of sipping you are done.. Have all the water you want and off to bed.  It helps with self control to not over drink and you feel ton better the next day without adding many calories to your night.

When you don’t mix sometimes it’s better for certain things, not everything.  This only works for some people, not all.


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