I ask myself as I pass almost every major intersection here in Salt Lake City are these roadside warriors holding signs that say “God Bless You” and “anything helps”.  I think the help they need it two hands to clean up their mess.  It seems like they work the corner and when they are gone for the day all you see is the junk they leave behind.  The water bottles, uneaten food, signs, trash.

So do you help these people by giving them more so they can litter?  I think the only way to help them out to control this problem is to shoot them with a squirt gun full of filtered rotten / fermented grass and cat urine.

The smells like hell and since they don’t know what it is that hits them they will probably puke but they will have to leave because it smells so bad.  I think they deserve it.  Since they like making trash and are a safety hazard to most roadways this would clear them voluntary so they would have to go somewhere else.  The nice thing about this program is that it doesn’t kill, its totally organic and safe and smells like shit.  This way they will bath more frequently and will probably never work a corner again.

Hey roadside warrior this one is for you.. If you are going to act like a pig you will smell like one too.  If you see me coming look out.




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