Round and around and round you go and where it stops nobody knows.  Bullshit, we know where is stops.   It seems like the media and it’s constantly regurgitating news and articles day after day week after week so they don’t appear to be so boring.  Well guess what, they are boring.   It like they all hold hands and play pass the hot turd but nobody wants to hold it because its smelly and dirty but they circulate it under the noses of the world to smell.

I think you can read the news once and about a week later they are still circulating the information on different sites like it’s breaking news.  Why can’t they just be honest and stay “it too hot to go out and work today we are boring”.  That would drive high enough rating for viewers so they dumb people down with the same data over and over until people don’t care about anything.

What would be interested if we we had news about the news people.  Like a game of report the reporter.  There might be some good material if we did that, it’s better than the political rhetoric we see daily.  We could have something funny like “Angry reported locked out of house by son only wearing holy garments and cowboy boots”.

Now that would be more important that someone stealing bitcoins or a new law they come up with together in the dark that we know nothing about.

I don’t know if reports would go for it but it would make the news a better place because then people could see that its actually real and there is some truth to it.  Nobody wants rubber turd.



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