It’s funny how they say a dog is man’s best friend because the dog itself has no true intelligence it just mirrors it’s master.  So the master sees and loves the dog and say’s, he’s just like me.  I don’t know what I can nickname the Dog…  Maybe Stain or Pubes..  I can’t figure out what nickname call the dog by.  Like “Come Stain, come here boy.” or “I would like you to meet my dog Pubes, the way he is sniffing you now it looks like he has taken a real liking to you”.

Either way the dog is licking you or sniffing you, your bond will be everlasting but when his time is to pass your heart will be ripped out of your heart because part of you is dying as well.  You should have bought a sea turtle.  A sea turtle will outlive you so when you die first you can give him the big fuck you and he will be sad not you.

Getting back to the point look at these hardcore antisocial readers, they don’t even put their books down to take a piss, now that is messed up.  They have so much focus in their face with eyes that tear apart humanity page by page as they flip minute by minute.  Now I don’t see any dog but sniffing and licking in this picture.  I see total shop vac shit…  Here are the similarities.   When reading these people forget to breath, they just starting sucking…  Now when they are done with these non picture books the bask in their mind of how good or bad this book was and how it was soooooo much better than the movies.

Let’s get to the blow part..

Wait until your friend tells you about what they just read.  This is where you take off the hose from the suck part of you vac and move it to the blower because the switch is turning on now.  It’s like Denial of service as the blow their knowledge at you and you are left standing there with this dumb as fuck look on your face because you just said nothing.  All you can say is good job.

It’s moments like that when you wish Pubes and Stain where with you to give you a quick sniff.


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