As I look at the world as a whole I see very little original and mass duplication that continues to circulate daily.   How can we go day by day getting the same and slightly modified material in our face to regurgitate daily by news media, TV, radio, internet etc.

Props go out to all of you true artists that give a shit to make a difference and make this world beautiful place instead of the daily leftovers those media’s heat up in their microwaves and feed us with a shovel.

I do what I do because I choose too and it’s what makes me feel good, no other reasons.

Make a difference that’s all I can say..  The fitness company Nike almost got it right when they said “Just do it”.  You have to ask yourself WTF is it? It can be anything.   When I am dealing with people I have to choose the lowest common denominator when dealing with people.  I think the phrase “DO” is better because it’s one syllable.  It stands for Defend and Offend and that is something I do every day.

Defend what you believe is personal to you and Offend the fuckers who deserve it.


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