Can you imagine if the desktop computers we have today had MS DOS 5.0 on there they would be fast as fuck.  I spend 85 percent of my time waiting for slow computers to work.  It seems technology is getting faster but the operating system is becoming more bloated and fat and slowing and loading the hardware down way too much.

So is there really progression?  Not much actually, connectivity yes, accessibility, yes but more productive?  I don’t think so..   They are more of a waste of time now, virus and spyware loaded machines out there and it seems like a lot of software and hardware vendors have their own backdoors in there and updates that seem to make it worse than better.

Now you have people who would rather hold their phone in their hand than their dick.   How can you love a device that causes testicular cancer if left on your sack and it still can’t leave your side, amazing..

Remember, computers are really only a tool to get the job done and so is your dick.  Keep them both clean.


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