Read study research, drilled into our heads over and over throughout school and time.  I just read an article that said it was good for your health.  I call bullshit.  You don’t think society isn’t messed up enough just give them another book to read.

Ok, picture books are different because you can kick through 4 of them in 15 minutes and feel like you just sent a man on the moon.. But to the true diehard readers is just creates antisocial behaviors, you know that Timothy McVeigh shit we don’t need.  Not to mention, reading glasses, stiff neck, paper cuts, and possible mold from library books.

I like to tease Jewish people because they had to read so much.  I compare them to shop vac’s which suck and blow.   They tend to read read read and suck it in… While doing so they can’t talk.  Once they come up for air the blow it at you.  It’s like a full Denial of Service Attack, more of a UDP flood because they don’t give a shit weather you understand or not, they will just open the gates of hell and let you receive it.



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