I was up in the canyon hiking today at Donut Falls and had to take a leak, so I saw an outhouse there and walked in, big mistake.  The smell was so bad that if I would have been a smoker the flames would have blown me in pieces.  I could not breath and I felt violated in ever way shape and form.  It’s an airborne form of rape where you are held against you will with these deadly toxic gasses from people crap and there is nothing you can do but just force it out and flee the out house.

So I leave the door gasping for any type of air, rather than butt air that I was just main lining.  Finally relief comes back to me and up the mountain we go.  We finish the hike and make it back to the parking lot by the outhouse and I see a girl outside gasping and that same not so fresh look on her face that I just had an hr prior.

Now there is true happiness to know I was not alone on this one.  I would rather sit outside and view people’s faces as they leave and video it than even the hike.  Here is why..


Normally a person  goes to use the bathroom they enter with stress to push one out or take a leak, when they job is done they leave looking relaxed.  People know when they enter the bathroom they will exit with a sense of relief.

Well guess what?  Not in this case… You go in with pressure and you leave completely fucked and bewildered with that “WTF just happened to me look on your face”.

Faces of Death isn’t such a bad name for a shitty place.


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