I always ask myself how can people continually install a roll of toilet paper backwards?  I can’t exclude family members on this one.  You sit down and pull, then it feeds all over the floor.  People, the shit pulls down, not rolls down from underneath.  Yes I am taking about you professionals in the hotel industry and commercial too.  What do you need, an arrow?  I think that would be the only solution or when you are getting your generals in college you can take Toiletry Edict  6000-7001 and Master that shit.

If you are working behind the scenes you should do a good job and it and just master it.  I am not talking like the 101 course where you never handle the roll you just have theory about how it should feel on your butt and or in your fingers but not the actual application of passing it on your buttocks and the proper way of how to hang it.

I hope the geniuses at the Georgia pacific paper plant can take this to the next level and put tard arrow on the rolls for easy installation or even a photo and let them know that the when you see the picture or the arrow facing you that you did a good job.  Please get rid of that half ply shit in commercial businesses. That is just plain mean.  Nobody should be playing finger “peek a boo”.


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