When people think about politicians and the elections coming up people often believe how dishonest these political figures are, well in fact they can lie until they are blue in the face and don’t hold a candle next to the high paid, Mr. Mac suit wearing weatherman.  This candy ass slick willy is out to screw you in every way possible.  This menace to society is far worse than the mosquito.  His ass is truly viral in every way, on every smart phone, tablet, computer, television, and radio station.

And guess what?  His psychic Olga bullshit predictions are worse than a prediction this person is almost wrong 100 percent of the time.  WTF?

But don’t worry I am sure he has cool hair make makes 200K plus a year to tell you the weather is sunny and then it rains, or it’s going to rain and it’s hot as hell and you see nothing.

If I could rewrite the 10 commandments number 2 would be “Though shalt not trust the weatherman”.  Get you but outside and check yourself.

It would be cool if we can umbrellas to protect us from the weatherman’s bullshit.. We could call it a “bullshitbrella” to protect us from all of his shit falling from the sky.

From me to weatherman I bless you with colon problems because you are so full of shit that you must have a lot of it up there so i want you to have more.



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