If farts had lips

Why did it happen to me?  Its 3:30 in the morning and my fart work me up.  I couldn’t handle the smell and the stinky fucker wouldn’t leave.  It just setup residence in my small basement bedroom.  Maybe that is where the term squatter came from, who knows.  I tossed and turned but it it would leave me. What did […]

What can you do in 30 mins?

If you had 30 mins you can get a lot of shit done if you focus on it.  Eat breakfast, water the garden, work on a project in the garage and exercise. Well here at yahoo, working with their business support you can verify the last 4 digits of the credit card. Dumb asses can’t even verify an account ..  […]

Dirty Box

I have to deal with so many people’s dirty boxes all of the time.   If you think a plumber has a hard job at least he can see what he is dealing with.  A computer bitch like myself gets to see the unknown and you can’t always see it.  I think I must be more like a cockroach of some […]

Ubiquity Enterprise Wireless my Ass

I have the UniFi AP-AC v2 and it’s a total piece of crap.  They are overpriced around 300 dollars ave price and they range is mainly in my office of 800sq feet.  I will stick with Engenius forever from here on out.  At least Enginus wireless products have great range and can fry your balls.  This Ubiquity can’t fry crap.. […]