Ubiquity Enterprise Wireless my Ass

I have the UniFi AP-AC v2 and it’s a total piece of crap.  They are overpriced around 300 dollars ave price and they range is mainly in my office of 800sq feet.  I will stick with Engenius forever from here on out.  At least Enginus wireless products have great range and can fry your balls.  This Ubiquity can’t fry crap.. […]

Which balls have eyes?

I had to get a shot two days ago because I had two rusted railroad tie spikes hit me in the chest and this poison shot give me a fever and a headache.  I felt like I got kicked in the balls but it was my eyeballs.  It made me think about we have these balls and they are the […]

DAF (Dumb as F@!%)

Most of these outbound call center people selling timeshares and vacations seem to be drunk or just plain fucked up before you get your phone call.   Knowing that a head of time when they call me I like to answer the phone and quickly say “Hello is Amus there?”. As soon as I do that is short circuits their fucking […]